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The school covers an area of 1096 mu, building area of around 200,000 square meters, library more than 920,000 books & articles, teaching and research equipment worth than 44 million yuan.
The school have a total of: 94 training rooms, 216 classrooms, 10 multimedia voice room, 277 training bases, The school also equipped with advanced network infrastructure, and is equipped with high speed Internet independent in the student dormitory.

Guangzhou International Economics College is a financial and economic college that is rich in "three external and two high" characteristics, namely, training high-quality, highly skilled talents with foreign language, foreign trade and foreign trade expertise.
The school of international education and Foreign Language Institute, School of finance, commerce, trade and Management College, College of information engineering, College of design and arts, public institute, Chinese Academy of entrepreneurship education, Innovation Institute, School of continuing education, a total of 10 two colleges, secondary vocational schools, 2 centers and 1 business park, with 44 specialties set up.
The school has 480 full-time teachers, including 147 senior titles, professional leaders of 44 people, 240 backbone teachers and 10 foreign teachers, taking them as the core to establish a special combination of the professional teaching team.
The school pays attention to the cultivation of students' foreign language ability. In order to highlight the characteristics of "foreign related" school running, bilingual teaching is carried out in many specialties, striving for nearly half of the professional bilingual courses in the next 5 years. The school has opened up the way for students and even the school to go global through overseas short term travel, exchange student program, overseas summer course and overseas study. The school has established friendly cooperation with nearly 20 universities in many countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, Britain and many other countries.