Faculty of Public Services

The Faculty of social sciences has a major in law and social work and the school of thought and public education. There are "teaching and research room of law", "teaching and research room of social work", "thinking and teaching and research room" and "teaching and research room of public class".
Academy of Social Sciences, now formed a team of professors, associate professor, Dr. pioneer, to returnees, famous universities and through theoretical and practical experience as the backbone of the teachers.
The aim of social science college is to train practical talents with professional knowledge and skills in law and social work. The annual enrollment rate is above 90%, and the employment rate of graduates is 100%.
The dean of the College of Social Sciences, Professor Ni Xinbing and Ph. D. have been engaged in administration, teaching and scientific research in Colleges and universities for 25 years.
In a number of institutions, enterprises and institutions to study, do academic reports.
More than 30 papers have been published in the national authoritative journals, the CSSCI source periodicals and the core Chinese periodicals. The NPC press reprinted, "Xinhua digest", "Chinese Social Science Digest", "reprinted cupa" argument excerpts, 2 papers by the provincial and ministerial level awards. 3 books of publishing monographs. To host or participate in 6 national, provincial and ministerial subjects. Guangdong won the excellent teachers and other provincial honor 8. Members of the Guangdong Province Education Pension Service Professional Teaching Guidance Committee; Guangdong province teaching expert diagnosis and improvement; Guangdong Province Philosophy Social Sciences expert database experts; director of political thought in Colleges and universities of Guangdong province; Guangdong socialist society for Dialectics of science; director of spiritual civilization society of Guangdong; member of the Guangdong society.

Our Current Programs

Legal Affairs
Professional skills and employment direction:
Training objectives and employment direction: to cultivate practical personnel engaged in legal, judicial secretarial and judicial management. The public security organs, procuratorial organs and people's court assistant work; enterprises and institutions in the legal affairs department; participate in the civil service exam; through self-study exam or undergraduate exam undergraduate degree can participate in the national judicial examination, lawyer, judge, prosecutor, occupation.
Main courses and practice links:
Main courses: jurisprudence, international law, civil law, economic law, civil law, criminal law, intellectual property law, administrative law and administrative litigation law, marriage law, criminal procedure law, commercial law, judicial debate and eloquence, property law, legal writing and legal affairs training, case analysis, simulated court etc..
Social Work
Professional skills and employment direction:
Training objectives and direction of employment: social workers are currently in urgent need of professionals in the Pearl River Delta region, master social work expertise and skills, and provide social work services and social welfare management talents in social welfare and social assistance. It can be engaged in social security, policy research, administration, development management and evaluation operation in civil affairs, labor and social security, health, community, schools, hospitals, enterprises, judicial departments, non-governmental organizations and so on.
Main courses and practice links:
Main courses: introduction to sociology, social survey research methods, social work, social work, social work, social work, human behavior and social environment, social security and social policy, psychology, psychological counseling and social work practice.