Faculty of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

The Faculty of innovation and entrepreneurship education is a public teaching unit of the school, with the establishment of innovation and entrepreneurship teaching and research section, responsible for the education of innovation and entrepreneurship courses in the whole school, and the office of innovation and entrepreneurship service management center.
The main responsibilities of the college are as follows:
1, for all students in school, responsible for innovation and entrepreneurship education guidance;
2, undertake the practice training of innovation and entrepreneurship, hold the competition design competition.
3, carry out curriculum reform and set up courses with characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurship according to professional characteristics, such as entrepreneurship foundation, innovation studies and entrepreneurship.
4, carry out the reform of practice teaching, set up innovative and entrepreneurial training projects, and hold innovative and entrepreneurial practice classes.
5, set up a number of innovative and entrepreneurial projects to ensure that more students accept creative and entrepreneurial practice.
The main duties and responsibilities of the college students' innovation and Entrepreneurship Management Center are as follows:
 1., provide one-stop consultation and service for students in law, business, taxation, finance, personnel agency, management consulting, project recommendation and project financing.
 2. the construction and management of the entrepreneurial base (Venture Park), the guidance of the entrepreneurship training, the screening of the entrepreneurship projects and the management of the venture projects.
With the public venture, the highly innovative era, our hospital implemented a number of "integrated" and "Internet plus" can be copied, can promote innovative entrepreneurial talent training mode, the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurial consciousness and innovation ability of students into the whole process of personnel training, focusing on "two" has created three (foreign language, international economy and trade; high-quality, high skill talents) characteristics and advantages; at the same time, we will through the cooperation and integration of the city, the school campus network integration, technological innovation mode, build a comprehensive platform for innovation and entrepreneurship for our school students, and strive to build a "foreign" brand.