Faculty of Information Technology

The Faculty of information technology originated from the Department of electronic commerce and the Department of computer. The Department of computer and electronic commerce is one of the earliest established departments in our school. Now, the Faculty of information technology is the two level college in Guangzhou International Economics College.


There are 47 full-time faculty and staff members in Information College, including 8 senior titles (associate professors, senior engineers, network planners, etc.), 26 intermediate professional titles, 7 administrative and student counselors, 60% double quality teachers, and over 60% master's degree or above. The Institute has also hired a number of outstanding professional technology, university teachers and senior management personnel as part-time teachers.
The Faculty of information technology adopt existing computer network technology (mobile phone application software development network engineer), computer application technology (Software Engineer direction), design and production of animation (animation, game art designers engineers (including direction) of e-commerce, network marketing, business direction) technology networking applications (including intelligent Home Furnishing) 7, professional computer information management and software technology. The teaching team of electronic commerce is recognized as the excellent teaching team at the school level. The computer network technology, computer application technology professional is actively cultivate the provincial excellent teaching achievements

Our Current Programs

Software Technology
Training objectives:
the professional services in the Pearl River Delta and the economic and social development of Guangdong province for the purpose of training all-round development, master the methods and tools of software development of international mainstream, meet the basic requirements of software designers, system architects and software project manager of the software industry, can be engaged in the Java development engineer, development engineer, mobile.Net (Android) development engineer, software architect, software engineer, website development engineer, software maintenance technician etc..
Main courses:
database technology and application, object oriented programming, C# programming, JAVA programming, mobile application software development, software testing, software project management, MML modeling technology, design and development of enterprise project database system training and training.
Networking Technology
Training objectives:
To cultivate the professional network engineers, website designer; master the basic skills of network architecture design, web development, network hardware and network system installation and commissioning, website construction and management of the occupation technical ability, skilled in the use of mainstream development tools, to complete the system function module design, implementation, debugging and testing tasks. It can be engaged in planning and design of Intranet and small LAN, network engineering construction, network management and maintenance, website construction and network management.
Main courses:
computer network technology, LAN establishment and management, network interconnection technology, Linux operation system, Java program design, network integrated wiring, PHP dynamic website development, network security technology, overseas practice training and trainee.
Computer Application Technology
Training objectives:
The professional services in the Pearl River Delta and the economic and social development of Guangdong province for the purpose of training all-round development, database management and maintenance, web design, multimedia design, application system development methods and techniques of computer software and hardware maintenance, system maintenance and information management, website construction and maintenance, system development ability, high skilled talents for the needs of IT industry. It can engage in database application system development, maintenance and technology support, website programming, print advertisement design, multimedia software development, software product development, service and sales.
Main courses:
database technology and application, C++ programming, JAVA programming, C# programming, FLASH animation design, Android mobile application, webpage making technology, UML modeling technology and so on.
E-Commence & Network Marketing
To highlight the characteristics of cross-border e-commerce and network marketing. To cultivate students' e-business network marketing entrepreneurial ability, (cross-border) e-commerce application and business processing ability. After graduation, we can engage in cross-border e-commerce, self management, online shopping, shopping mall and independent marketing website. We can work in network editing, Internet marketing and promotion, cross-border e-commerce and foreign trade.
Main courses:
network marketing and entrepreneurship; international trade practice; e-commerce operation training; cross border e-commerce practice; foreign trade correspondence; data marketing; photography, graphics and image processing; online promotion. Optional skills: e-commerce division assistant, assistant of cross-border e-commerce division, network marketing engineer, web designer, shop operation certificate and other professionals.
Animation Design and Production
To cultivate advanced digital media talents in all aspects of 3D animation, visual effects production and VR virtual reality technology, the game design and other professional. After graduation in the animation company, VR technology companies, film companies and game companies engaged in character animation design, UI interface design, design of scene, VR interaction design, packaging design, film shooting and post production work.
Main courses:
original design, 3D animation, film and television postproduction, UI interactive design, 3D game scene design, VR-Unity3D development, VR film panoramic video production, VR integrated project training etc..
E-Store Application Technology
to cultivate the professional networking application engineer, Home Furnishing application intelligent networking engineering, prominent features. We should cultivate professional talents with a certain theoretical basis and strong professional skills in the production of the advanced technology of the application technology of the Internet of things. It is able to form, operate, maintain and manage the application system from the Internet of things.
Main courses:
electronic technology, Internet of things, sensing technology application, wireless networking technology application, Zigbee technology application, Internet of things application system development, smart home design, intelligent terminal application development, overseas practice training and trainee.