Faculty of Foreign Trade and Management

Faculty of Foreign trade and management is the two college under the Guangzhou International Economics College, with electronic commerce, marketing, business management, international economy and trade, logistics management five professional, at present the total number of 1900 students, 51 full-time staff, and part-time 65 people, including 8 Associate Professor and 2 Doctors.  Along with 65% teachers with master degree or above.
The school has actively carried out the cooperation with "school-enterprise cooperation", "small ant man college business incubator practice base" is a project of the construction of the education base of Guangdong Provincial Department of education of students' practice, practice teaching environment to build a complete simulation of enterprise environment on campus, as the electronic commerce in our hospital services, marketing professionals and provides practical teaching practice a good environment. I also met with Guangzhou Sui Lin International Freight Forwarders Ltd., Guangzhou kangzhiyuan Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Guangzhou surplus to trade Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Senli Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Shiying Electronic Co., Ltd., Guangdong Centaline Lin logistics group, China postal and other well-known domestic enterprises set up genuine goods at a fair price the interests of the community, the school enterprise cooperation, new ways of amplifying, doubling, transfer the common interests of both countries have already started their economy and e-commerce training practice, enhance practical ability, internships, employment has a good platform.
Students from the faculty of foreign trade and management are graduated with strong competitiveness and welcomed by the employing units, the employment rate of graduates in Guangdong has been among the best universities over the years, the employment rate of graduates reached 98.83%, graduates widely used in all kinds of e-commerce, international trade, marketing, logistics, business management. The Institute always takes teaching, practice teaching and personnel training as the core work of the college. It is our consistent pursuit to improve discipline quality and level by relying on discipline construction.

Our Current Programs

Electronic Commerce
Training objectives and employment direction:
To highlight the characteristics of cross-border e-commerce and network marketing. To cultivate students' e-business network marketing entrepreneurial ability, (cross-border) e-commerce application and business processing ability. After graduation, we can engage in cross-border e-commerce, self management, online shopping, shopping mall and independent marketing website. We can work in network editing, Internet marketing and promotion, cross-border e-commerce and foreign trade.
Main courses:
network marketing and entrepreneurship; international trade practice; e-commerce operation training; cross border e-commerce practice; foreign trade correspondence; data marketing; photography, graphics and image processing; online promotion. Optional skills: e-commerce division assistant, assistant of cross-border e-commerce division, network marketing engineer, web designer, shop operation certificate and other professionals.
Training objectives and employment direction:
Training objectives and training with the basic theories of marketing knowledge, a strong marketing practice ability and practical skills, to master certain product sales ability, market analysis, marketing planning and management ability, marketing ability, entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to high-quality higher technology applied talents need to place the economic and social modernization. The main jobs: small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in the sales department clerk or supervisor; the marketing department of small and medium-sized enterprises market investigation and prediction, statistical information, customer service service, product channel development, advertising planning and management; retail or wholesale business promoters, salesman. In recent years, the professional employment rate is more than 98.5%.
Main courses:
management foundation, economics foundation, chain management, marketing, public relations, marketing and negotiation skills, market survey technology, consumer psychology analysis, advertising planning and brand management, network marketing, customer relationship management, marketing channel management, marketing planning etc..
Business Enterprise Management
Training objectives and direction of employment:
training highly skilled professionals with strong knowledge of basic knowledge and basic theories of management and enterprise operation, marketing, human resources, financial management, quality and safety management.
Main courses:
management; economics; management psychology; financial management; modern enterprise management; human resource management; marketing; supply chain management; production and operation management; customer relationship management; communication management; e-commerce practice; occupation planning and Simulation of enterprise project successful quality training; training; internship
International Economics and Trade
Training and employment direction:
International Economic and trade professional training to adapt to the needs of Chinese economic and social development, understand the current situation of the environment of modern international economy and trade and development, familiar with international trade rules, common law and practice, understanding Chinese foreign trade policies and regulations, grasp the basic principle and the basic theory of economics, international trade and basic knowledge, familiar with the latest international trade business operation and basic skills, able to communicate in English, application of international trade talents with international vision, innovation and pioneering spirit. The main jobs: International Economic and trade professional graduates can go to the government to foreign trade enterprises engaged in foreign trade business and international marketing work, to the state organs, the comprehensive Department of national economy, the commercial sector, foreign enterprises, joint ventures, large industrial and commercial trade companies or enterprises engaged in economic and trade, marketing, business management etc.. In recent years, the employment rate of international economy and trade has been around 99%.
Main courses:
international trade theory, international trade, international finance, international finance, foreign trade English, money and banking, international marketing, international business law, China foreign trade, international freight forwarders, commerce, foreign trade correspondence (UK), securities investment, international business negotiation, foreign exchange trading practices, foreign trade documents.
Logistics Management
Training and employment direction:
training a firm grasp of the basic knowledge and basic theory of logistics management, familiar with the Pearl River Delta manufacturing enterprises, third party logistics, international logistics and warehousing business rules for manufacturing, transportation scheduling, circulation service enterprise production and operation, logistics information system processing ability of high technical talents. It can be engaged in logistics management in enterprises, logistics centers, ports, wharfs, airports and other enterprises and institutions.
Main courses:
introduction to logistics management; supply chain management; logistics management; logistics warehousing and distribution management; logistics management; international logistics and freight forwarding; container transportation; logistics information technology; logistics cost management, innovation and entrepreneurship training etc.. Optional: "logistics qualification", "international freight agent qualification certificate".