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Faculty of Finance and Accounting

As of 2018, The Faculty of Finance and Accounting is one of the largest faculty in the school, with more than 2500 students.

With 5 majors in Accounting, Financial management, Economic management, International finance, Investment and finance management
There are 50 full-time teachers in the faculty and more than 20 high level part-time teachers in the enterprise. Our professional structure of full-time teachers is very strong and the structure of educational background is constantly optimized.
The percentage of teachers above master's degree is over 35%, with 20% of teachers who have professorships of professors and associate professors, 80% of teachers with intermediate titles, and 70% of "double qualification" teachers. The teaching staff of the college are characterized by high professional quality, strong sense of responsibility, skilled professional skills, vitality and creativity.
The faculty has 11 professional laboratories, and the laboratory area is more than 1000 square meters. With advanced and complete teaching and training equipment, it can provide training courses for college accounting, financial management, accounting computerization, auditing, taxation, ERP and other courses. The faculty has more than 20 stable external practice bases.
The faculty has a high-quality full-time instructors, teaching administrative institutions with high efficiency; college students, as well as the Communist Youth League organizations often carry out all kinds of health to the professional knowledge contest and campus cultural activities, enhance the overall quality of students, cultivating students' ability of innovation and entrepreneurship. The faculty attaches great importance to the quality of teaching, and has made remarkable achievements in teaching and research in the past few years. It has trained a large number of qualified personnel for the national economic construction.

Our Current Programs

Training objectives:
To cultivate a solid professional knowledge of accounting, good professional quality, can be in various enterprises, accounting firms and administrative institutions to undertake accounting, cashier, audit, tax and other business as well as enterprise management applied talents.
Pay attention to training practical ability, focus on practical operation, through the skills training of Accounting Computerization Training Room and accounting manual simulation room, and cultivate students' comprehensive ability to analyze and solve practical problems of accounting.
Professional characteristics:
Using both traditional and modern skills and management,
Accounting and decision by occupation and career
Main courses:
financial accounting,
accounting computerization,
tax practice,
international accounting (bilingual course),
financial management,
accounting information system (ERP)
Economic Management
Training objectives:
Training and mastering modern financial theory and knowledge, mastering the banking, securities, insurance, investment and other financial industry practice and knowledge, familiar with the domestic and foreign financial market rules, engaged in financial management and practical operation of high-quality skilled talents. The main jobs include banking, securities companies, insurance companies and other financial industries.
Professional characteristics: Economics of the crown, the banker's cradle, "silver collar" occupation choice, the accumulation of wealth ladder.
Main courses:
management foundation;
monetary banking;
business and management of commercial banks;
international investment;
foreign exchange management theory and practice;
investment and financial management; bank skills training.
International Finance
 Training objectives:
To develop knowledge and skills of modern financial theory and foreign exchange, foreign exchange, international settlement and other knowledge and skills, knowledge and skills of foreign exchange, foreign exchange and financial products, knowledge and skills of foreign exchange, foreign exchange and financial products, and a certain professional foreign language ability in the bank, non bank financial institutions, industrial and commercial machines. The finance and investment department is engaged in high-end skilled talents in foreign-related financial businesses.

Professional characteristics:

Professional application inside and outside, strong sense of skill era, wide post coverage, decent employment.


Main courses:

international financial theory and practice;

international settlement;

foreign exchange trading practice; financial marketing skills;

financial institutions and financial markets.

Finance management
 Training objectives:
To cultivate a solid foundation of economic and management theory, to master the knowledge and skills of financial management, to be familiar with the process of financial management, to master the financing, investment and capital operation of enterprises and institutions. With good professional quality, it is able to engage in financial, accounting and tax related business in all kinds of enterprises and institutions, and cultivate applied talents with the quality of the managers of middle and high level enterprises.
Professional characteristics:
Dealing with financial relations, grasping capital operation, transmitting economic information and participating in enterprise decision making.
Main courses :
management basics,
financial management,
economic law,
financial accounting,
accounting computerization,
securities investment analysis,
Excel application in financial management
International innovation class - Accounting Major
Training objectives and employment direction:
Canada canadore college and learning mode: (CANADORE College) jointly organized the implementation of 2+1 learning model, namely first, second years of study in this school, third years of study in Canada canadore college, learning at the same time to obtain two qualified college diploma. After the end of their studies to canadore college courses arrangement to undergraduate. Where training in English, bilingual courses in separate classes.
Main courses:
finance and statute,
international accounting,
management accounting,
corporate finance,
financial management,
financial budgeting,
accounting comprehensive training
Investment and financial management
Training objectives:
To cultivate and master the theory and knowledge of investment and finance, to understand the rules of financial market, to be familiar with financial instruments, to have knowledge and skills in securities, futures, foreign exchange, finance and to have high quality and applied talents with strong financial service skills. Employment is mainly for financial sector, listed companies, business enterprises, financial services industries and other enterprises engaged in financing, investment, financial management, planning and other economic management work.
Professional characteristics:
foresight, intelligence, high level employment and intelligence quotient.
Main courses:
monetary banking;
securities investment practice;
futures principles and practices;
corporate finance;
investment financial planners;
planning and design of financial planning.