【Important Regulations & Rules】重要规则

发布日期:2018-09-01 14:45
At the beginning of each semester, students are required to pay all school fees and register at the Faculty of International Education and also the Faculty responsible for your selected course of study. Only registered students are eligible to attend college activities. Those who are unable to register on time must get permission for late registration,  otherwise they will be considered as truant. Those who are late for registration within two weeks be given a serious warning and put on porbation from the college. Those who are late for registration more than two weeks will be expelled from the college.
Students should attend and take part in activities as required by the college and the Faculty of International Education. Attendance in classes and fieldwork will be checked. Those who can not attend the class or other activities should ask for a leave in advance. Those who leave without permission or leave beyond a permitted leave period will be marked as truancy. One day`s truancy is equivalent to five-hour absence. Those who are absent for 70 or more hours in one semester will be expelled from the college and can not receive any study certificate.